Amazing Facts about responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design is actually designing the website to suit the platform in which it is being viewed. If a user is viewing a site in mobile, tab or in a PC, the website will scale itself accordingly in every aspect including the size of the text, the size of the image and also the interface. Responsive Web design is the important things that must be taken into consideration while developing to proved the best user experience.

More than Half of searches happen in Mobile:

Even it is a well known and a common fact, the amount of impact that the smartphones has had when it comes the web design is huge. People are searching random things on the go. So it has become mandatory for every web design to be mobile friendly.

Search Engine Favour Responsive Sights

No user to going to go for the second page of results in the web search. This basically is human phycology, and the results displayed on the first page is going to be more relevant and useful. For any site to be displayed on the first page and getting it ranked on the top is the best way to increase the traffic. Don’t let your web design to be another aspect which affects your ranking.


83% of the first results are mobile-friendly, and 81% of the top 3 results are mobile friendly.

Some Specific Ones are more Mobile friendly

It is a very well known fact that the certain products/apps are more mobile friendly. It is because of the simple fact that all most every user is using those in the mobile platform.

Example: Uber and OLA

Responsive Design assures better user experience

Developing a mobile-friendly site has become mandatory for two reasons. One being the number of searches and the other one is to provide a more user-friendly environment. Providing a user-friendly environment definitely results in the conversion of an audience into a potential customer.

Responsive Web design no longer Luxury

Days are gone when web searches when web searches were very much confined to the Pcs. Now it is mandatory that everyone has a responsive design for mobile Phones and Tabs. Some of the basic features include touch response, navigation and single click. Analyzing the present situation, the mobile has taken the front seat, and the Pcs has taken a step back.

Mobile e-commerce accounts for more than 50%

No wonder Jeff Bezos outranked Bill Gates to become the most richest person in the world. It is not just about Amazon, more than 50% of the revenue in the e-commerce sector all over the US came from the mobile platform. That is like billions of dollars.

About 8 out of 10 customers opt out of the site if content not displayed properly

Losing on visitors definitely impacts losing on customers. So taking Responsive web design in a lighter note will definitely have a big impact on the number of customers. So make sure to the sight is customer friendly